Tablets Vs Laptops Vs Desktops

Until few years ago, if you are in the market to buy a computer you had to make choice between a laptop and a desktop. The decision was mainly done on the basis of whether mobility or robust performance is important. While students, house wives, and remotely working people used to buy laptops, gamers and office-goers trusted desktops

However, with increasing choice of computing gadgets in market these days, it can be very difficult for consumers to make a choice. Not only laptops and desktops but attractive range of tablets, notebooks, and smartphones have made the choice difficult.   In such scenarios it becomes important to decide which features and specifications are in line with your computing needs to make a better informed decision.


Tablets are portable computing devices that provide you the mobility of a laptop but at a much lighter weight. Offering anything between a 7 to 10 inch display screens, a tablet usually weighs less than 1 pound. With a tablet you can directly touch the screen with your finger or a stylus making working for interactive and gaming more fun. You get full control of the screen, features and other applications. A good choice for anyone looking to store music, capture photos, videos, have video chat, play games or read books.

However, having a tablet comes with many limitations as well. Along with a hefty price tag, most tablets demand special care and handling. Especially, the touchscreen display which can face trouble even with a slight mishandling. In case touchscreen is damaged, the entire device becomes useless and getting a screen replacement is a very costly affair.


Laptops are clearly choice of people looking for both portability as well as strong hardware. Compared to tablets, the hardware included in a laptop is much robust. It comes with larger screen, better screen resolution and a physical keyboard. Many people find it difficult and messy to type using a touchscreen and always vouch for full, physical keyboard.  The screen size of a laptop is also much larger when compared to a tablet. Laptops are more durable than tablets and you don’t have to worry about taking care of a touchscreen.

However, bigger size may not always be beneficial. Although designed originally for portability, laptops are often a burden to carry. Most laptop weigh from 5 to 9 pounds making it an additional luggage to carry. Also, when compared to desktops laptops are less durable and costlier. They are much cheaper than tablets though.


If you frequently work with large graphics, videos, or other applications demanding powerful hardware components, desktops make a good choice. Desktops are much cheaper than both laptops and tablets and make a better option if budget is a constraint. Also, if you have children or pets in your family that need constant monitoring, a desktop will work well for you. Not to forget for official uses, desktop provides robust components, cost-effectiveness, and security.

However, if you have a difficulty using the computer in a fixed space or have problem giving a dedicate space for storing the desktop, you should go with the laptop.

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