Dabangg online shopper!

hot deals“A long journey starts with first baby steps” is an apt saying for our blog!

We wanted to have a platform to help people buy products online. Our friends suggested and we heard! This blog was created for the “common shoppers”like you. The intent is to save your money and make you a smart shopper. So, here we go!
We all work hard for the money and we believe, online shopping saves money. Big time!
If you have not bought any thing online yet, you are at the right place. If you already buy things online then you are at the best place.Now addressing all the the naive online shoppers, please take a step forward in your life.The shop wants to sell and you want to buy. Who does the work? It’s you!  They make you drive to the shop and then charge you extra money to pay for their staff and to cover the overhead expenses. You become the good Samaritan by paying for the stores staff pay cheques, overhead expenses of the store, electricity bill etc. Being the best person that you are, you should get a medal for all the money you have spent for the goodwill but you don’t. You just get the product that too at a higher cost. Time is money and you lose your time, money and energy as well. Can you do without shopping? Unfortunately not.
Now ,you can at least be a smart shopper. You ain’t Albert Einstein but at least you can learn his formula and be a smart person if not a genius like him.
We call the online buyer” the smart shoppers”. The Albert Einstein’s formula you need to know is the “deals“. Use the deals to your best advantage.
We the “common shoppers” are too busy working,spending time with the family, friends, touring the world ……let superdeals24x7  do the leg work for you. Our research team puts in  long hours , does extensive research for the best deals and posts them through out the day and night. It exists for you. Please be smart and use the deals.
Why buy online?
We believe in the saying “home is the place where you can itch where it’s itching”. The home is the safest place to buy & has advantages that you don’t have to dress up to go out, don’t have to take the car keys,get the kids ready and stress about the traffic. The product is bought from home and delivered to your door step. You remain the boss.Obviously,if you don’t like the deal you are not obligated to buy.
Is online shopping safe?
If you are careful, every place in the world is safe including the internet. If you are careless,then even the car or bike you ride to work is not safe. In short, all depends on the buyer. Please be careful and buy only from recognized retailers.Read reviews about the websites return and refund policies if any. The deal sites usually carry deals from well known retailers and thus again are safe bets when buying from them. For a market like India,even the big online retailers like Amazon do not allow credit card shopping at this time.Rather it offers “cash on delivery”. Who benefits? You.You pay “cash on delivery” and are saved from credit card fraud issues. In the developed world, credit card fraud exists but you are usually covered for the fraudulent charges.You can also opt for a credit card which is covered for fraud charges.
Should I use my credit card online?
You got yourself a credit card to use so you ought to use it.Be safe though! You don’t want to be giving your details to any one other than a “s for secured” (https…not http only) website and a big known online retailer. Please look for a padlock icon in the lower right hand corner payment page, if it applies to site where your buying from. Credit card fraud is a big issue but shouldn’t deter you from buying online and miss out on good deals. Have a strong antivirus software checking on malicious software in your computer. Superdeals24x7 sellers are big online retailers & are trustworthy.You can relax and just do shopping!
Now that you are ready for it.
Happy online shopping!
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