PLANTRONICS DISCOVERY 975SE White, worth Rs. 5990 at just Rs. 4225 – Snapdeal

PLANTRONICS DISCOVERY 975SE WhiteRs. 4225 (Free shipping)

Snapdeal is offering PLANTRONICS DISCOVERY 975SE White at just Rs. 4225

Features: Communicate without background noise AudioIQ2 and WindSmart technologies Dual microphones, The Plantronics Discovery 975 earpiece is ingeniously simple in its technology and design. Inspired engineering blends noise-canceling AudioIQ2 technology, wind noise protection and easy connectivity for premium performance

Buy: PLANTRONICS DISCOVERY 975SE White from Snapdeal

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Tablets Vs Laptops Vs Desktops

Until few years ago, if you are in the market to buy a computer you had to make choice between a laptop and a desktop. The decision was mainly done on the basis of whether mobility or robust performance is important. While students, house wives, and remotely working people used to buy laptops, gamers and office-goers trusted desktops

However, with increasing choice of computing gadgets in market these days, it can be very difficult for consumers to make a choice. Not only laptops and desktops but attractive range of tablets, notebooks, and smartphones have made the choice difficult.   In such scenarios it becomes important to decide which features and specifications are in line with your computing needs to make a better informed decision.


Tablets are portable computing devices that provide you the mobility of a laptop but at a much lighter weight. Offering anything between a 7 to 10 inch display screens, a tablet usually weighs less than 1 pound. With a tablet you can directly touch the screen with your finger or a stylus making working for interactive and gaming more fun. You get full control of the screen, features and other applications. A good choice for anyone looking to store music, capture photos, videos, have video chat, play games or read books.

However, having a tablet comes with many limitations as well. Along with a hefty price tag, most tablets demand special care and handling. Especially, the touchscreen display which can face trouble even with a slight mishandling. In case touchscreen is damaged, the entire device becomes useless and getting a screen replacement is a very costly affair.


Laptops are clearly choice of people looking for both portability as well as strong hardware. Compared to tablets, the hardware included in a laptop is much robust. It comes with larger screen, better screen resolution and a physical keyboard. Many people find it difficult and messy to type using a touchscreen and always vouch for full, physical keyboard.  The screen size of a laptop is also much larger when compared to a tablet. Laptops are more durable than tablets and you don’t have to worry about taking care of a touchscreen.

However, bigger size may not always be beneficial. Although designed originally for portability, laptops are often a burden to carry. Most laptop weigh from 5 to 9 pounds making it an additional luggage to carry. Also, when compared to desktops laptops are less durable and costlier. They are much cheaper than tablets though.


If you frequently work with large graphics, videos, or other applications demanding powerful hardware components, desktops make a good choice. Desktops are much cheaper than both laptops and tablets and make a better option if budget is a constraint. Also, if you have children or pets in your family that need constant monitoring, a desktop will work well for you. Not to forget for official uses, desktop provides robust components, cost-effectiveness, and security.

However, if you have a difficulty using the computer in a fixed space or have problem giving a dedicate space for storing the desktop, you should go with the laptop.

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What Makes Online Shopping So Popular?

Online shopping fever is fast catching in almost every country of the world. While there is a small section of society who dislike shopping online, a large section of society find it beneficial and are addicted to online shopping. So what makes online shopping such a rage? Let’s find out –

Cheaper Prices

Most online stores offer much lower price for an item then what you will find at a local store. There are obvious reasons for this. First of all, people shop online because they find cheaper deals. Online store owners are well aware of this fact and therefore, they usually offer low prices to attract more customers by reducing their profit margin.

Secondly when a person shops online, he has the freedom to compare prices offered by different websites and get the best deal. Of course you can roam around from one shop to another and compare prices there too, but that is too much of hassle. While the comparison online can be done with just few clicks.


Online shopping is plain, simple convenient. You don’t need to get dressed up, worry about refueling your vehicle, find a baby sitter, take off from work, or get stuck in traffic. You can shop for whatever you want simply by visiting the website of the online store. And the best part is you can place order anytime of the day. You don’t have to wait for the stores to open.

Large Variety

You can find a limited variety of products in a physical store. The reason being limited availability of space, maintenance, or policy of the mall, etc. However, in case of online shopping you have the option to select from a large variety of products. Also, you get access to products which are not available in your geographical location.

No Pressure Sales

A physical store is made to lure you into buying more things than you actually need. From display of products to posters, lighting and sales person, everything is placed to make you shop additional items along with what you came in for. There is no such pressure sales while shopping online.

Freedom to Shop Discreetly

There are certain items which you don’t like to buy from a physical store. For example, things like lingerie, condoms or other such items cannot be bought without inviting few awkward stares. Sometimes you are landed in a very awkward situation for no reason. Online shopping gives you the freedom to shop discreetly from the privacy of your room. There is no one apart from you knowing what you have ordered. And the best part is you can spend time selecting from a large variety of such items as well.

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Reasons: Why Buying Mobile Phones Online is a Good Idea?

With e-commerce fever catching up in every part of the world, a large section of society prefers shopping online. And why not? You get number of options, good deals, good discounts, choice of shopping from the comfort of your home and the power of comparing prices with few clicks.


Nowadays you can find thousands of ecommerce websites selling almost everything online.  However, still many people find themselves confused when it comes to shopping of electronics, especially mobile phones online. They often find themselves in a dilemma whether to shop for online mobile phones or stick to the local stores. But given the increasing popularity of mobile phones online, only one conclusion can be made and that is buying mobile phone online has a number of benefits.


Amazing Discounts –

If you have ever shopped online, you will agree that the discounts you get from some of the websites is really amazing. You can get the cheapest price of a mobile phone online than any local store. During special occasions, you can get additional discount from the ecommerce websites as well. These discounts make online shopping of mobile phone really effective.

Get the Best Deal –

When you are shopping for mobile phone in a local store, you don’t know what discount the next shop is offering. However while shopping for mobile phone online, you can check prices of different websites, check the discount they are offering, and get the best possible deal.

Immediate Availability –

When a new model is launched, sometimes it may take few weeks for it to be available in the local store. However in case of online shopping, you can book the device even before it is launched. And every model is available for online purchase as soon as it is launched.

Check Features and Read Reviews –

When shopping for online mobile phones, you have the luxury to have a detailed study of each feature offered by the mobile phones. Many websites have a section where you can see the most sold product and also read reviews from real users. This helps you make an informed decision and buy the right mobile phone as per your usage.

Of course while shopping online, you need to be careful and purchase product only from a verified dealer. When you take care of this small factor, shopping for mobile phone online is a great idea.

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Could iphone5s be the recipe for a beautiful kitchen…


Here is how…exclusive on our blog.

Tired of a kitchen with no space? Here is your escape plan. Try this organizer and space saver from celestial. It will certainly help arrange your kitchen a little bit and save precious “spices and flour” from your curious kids.
Now that your kitchen will get some space, you may wish to add stainless steel dinner set to have a celebration of life time during this diwali season. It will also prepare you to welcome guests and family friends during this festive season.
We all have beautiful memories of diwali,the lighting of sparkles, flowerpots and mommy made sweets. This time capture all the moments and the smiles with a beautiful camera which you can buy with massive 18%off on famous indiatimes shopping. When you are done clicking pictures of your family and specially the babies/kids. You may wish to upload the pictures to stunning laptop. How about a Sony vaio? Nay….May be you already have a nice laptop but we are sure you don’t have this yet. The world conqueror and beautiful iphone 5s. It is being launched in India on November 1st.
There is no better looking phone in the market than iphone5s gold. If you don’t believe us,then watch this official picture from Apple website. Once you have the iphone,download our mobile app and keep shopping from superdeals24x7 to increase the beauty of your kitchen. No pun intended.
Happy shopping!


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Safeguard your money….

Here are few tips to stay safe during online shopping in India.
Public Wi-Fi access
So you are at  an airport or a hotel lounge or in your college campus over a wi-fi / hotspot. It is convenient, but it can leave your personal information accessible to hackers, so avoid entering passwords and credit card numbers while in public hotspots.
Avoid getting trapped on false websites.
Trust me,there are lots of them.If you see a website with poor design, a strange or nonsensical Web address, and multiple pop-up windows you can’t close then stop shopping and close your browser windows.
Avoid clicking on every hyperlink embedded in emails.
don’t do it — it could be redirecting you to a scam site if the email is from a fraudster and not from a website which you trust.
Shop on secure websites only.
look for “https” instead of just “http” in the address bar. keep the anti virus software up to date.
Never give your personal information to anyone unless you are sure of their identity.
Take advantage of credit cards which come with fraud protection.
A new supreme court order may require the credit card companies to pay for any fraudulent charges on credit cards.Check with your credit card company.Review your credit card statements frequently and intervene, if you see any fraudulent activity
Change your passwords
having a simple password is not good for you but good for hackers.So make their life tough,use strong passwords and change them frequently.Don’t share them with any one over email or phone.
Review websites return policy
If products are defective or misrepresented,they can be returned if the shopping website policies allow.
Stay safe.Use trusted partners for online shopping.
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Dabangg online shopper!

hot deals“A long journey starts with first baby steps” is an apt saying for our blog!

We wanted to have a platform to help people buy products online. Our friends suggested and we heard! This blog was created for the “common shoppers”like you. The intent is to save your money and make you a smart shopper. So, here we go!
We all work hard for the money and we believe, online shopping saves money. Big time!
If you have not bought any thing online yet, you are at the right place. If you already buy things online then you are at the best place.Now addressing all the the naive online shoppers, please take a step forward in your life.The shop wants to sell and you want to buy. Who does the work? It’s you!  They make you drive to the shop and then charge you extra money to pay for their staff and to cover the overhead expenses. You become the good Samaritan by paying for the stores staff pay cheques, overhead expenses of the store, electricity bill etc. Being the best person that you are, you should get a medal for all the money you have spent for the goodwill but you don’t. You just get the product that too at a higher cost. Time is money and you lose your time, money and energy as well. Can you do without shopping? Unfortunately not.
Now ,you can at least be a smart shopper. You ain’t Albert Einstein but at least you can learn his formula and be a smart person if not a genius like him.
We call the online buyer” the smart shoppers”. The Albert Einstein’s formula you need to know is the “deals“. Use the deals to your best advantage.
We the “common shoppers” are too busy working,spending time with the family, friends, touring the world ……let superdeals24x7  do the leg work for you. Our research team puts in  long hours , does extensive research for the best deals and posts them through out the day and night. It exists for you. Please be smart and use the deals.
Why buy online?
We believe in the saying “home is the place where you can itch where it’s itching”. The home is the safest place to buy & has advantages that you don’t have to dress up to go out, don’t have to take the car keys,get the kids ready and stress about the traffic. The product is bought from home and delivered to your door step. You remain the boss.Obviously,if you don’t like the deal you are not obligated to buy.
Is online shopping safe?
If you are careful, every place in the world is safe including the internet. If you are careless,then even the car or bike you ride to work is not safe. In short, all depends on the buyer. Please be careful and buy only from recognized retailers.Read reviews about the websites return and refund policies if any. The deal sites usually carry deals from well known retailers and thus again are safe bets when buying from them. For a market like India,even the big online retailers like Amazon do not allow credit card shopping at this time.Rather it offers “cash on delivery”. Who benefits? You.You pay “cash on delivery” and are saved from credit card fraud issues. In the developed world, credit card fraud exists but you are usually covered for the fraudulent charges.You can also opt for a credit card which is covered for fraud charges.
Should I use my credit card online?
You got yourself a credit card to use so you ought to use it.Be safe though! You don’t want to be giving your details to any one other than a “s for secured” (https…not http only) website and a big known online retailer. Please look for a padlock icon in the lower right hand corner payment page, if it applies to site where your buying from. Credit card fraud is a big issue but shouldn’t deter you from buying online and miss out on good deals. Have a strong antivirus software checking on malicious software in your computer. Superdeals24x7 sellers are big online retailers & are trustworthy.You can relax and just do shopping!
Now that you are ready for it.
Happy online shopping!
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