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Here are few tips to stay safe during online shopping in India.
Public Wi-Fi access
So you are at  an airport or a hotel lounge or in your college campus over a wi-fi / hotspot. It is convenient, but it can leave your personal information accessible to hackers, so avoid entering passwords and credit card numbers while in public hotspots.
Avoid getting trapped on false websites.
Trust me,there are lots of them.If you see a website with poor design, a strange or nonsensical Web address, and multiple pop-up windows you can’t close then stop shopping and close your browser windows.
Avoid clicking on every hyperlink embedded in emails.
don’t do it — it could be redirecting you to a scam site if the email is from a fraudster and not from a website which you trust.
Shop on secure websites only.
look for “https” instead of just “http” in the address bar. keep the anti virus software up to date.
Never give your personal information to anyone unless you are sure of their identity.
Take advantage of credit cards which come with fraud protection.
A new supreme court order may require the credit card companies to pay for any fraudulent charges on credit cards.Check with your credit card company.Review your credit card statements frequently and intervene, if you see any fraudulent activity
Change your passwords
having a simple password is not good for you but good for hackers.So make their life tough,use strong passwords and change them frequently.Don’t share them with any one over email or phone.
Review websites return policy
If products are defective or misrepresented,they can be returned if the shopping website policies allow.
Stay safe.Use trusted partners for online shopping.
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